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Female training is programmed around her Menstrual cycle.

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Many articles and research are out there that have guides and tips on the importance of tailoring your training around your menstrual cycle. One of the most recent ones I have read is by Telegraph; Please read.

As a female Coach and athlete, my learning journey about the subject is never-ending. I have passed a lot of obstacles to understand my cycle and how to apply the correct intensity in different phases of my training. I believe we must all understand our cycles first, as everyone is different, which has become much easier these days because of all the research and studying we are doing and thanks to technology.

One of the many applications I like to use and recommend is FitRwomen ( Please note: they do not sponsor me. This is my true recommendation). I particularly use this application because it has nutritional and training tips around different phases of the cycle. However minimal, it is still very helpful and free to use.

A menstrual cycle – which lasts, on average, 28 days – can be divided into four phases. Phase one is menstruation when a woman is having her period and usually lasts three to five days. The second phase is the time before ovulation. Phase three is between ovulation – usually about day 14 – and the onset of premenstrual symptoms, and the fourth is the premenstrual phase.

The second article I would recommend you to read is by Beatriz Fernandes in the athletic Lab. Below I will attach the menstrual cycle they have created and their training recommendations for each phase.

A woman is impacted in different ways during each phase due to fluctuations in hormone levels. Beyond the bleeding associated with periods, women often experience pain, tiredness, mood changes, food cravings and abdominal swelling at various times.

Please have a look at the picture below for more tips.

The picture above: the telegraph


The picture above: the athletic Lab

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